Loretta Ford and Lynnette Dobbin of @greazychinz

Hi, we’re Greazy Chinz!

Just two sisters who fancy foreign food, to say the least…

Growing up, we lived and traveled around parts of Asia. Having a Filipina mother and an American father only intensified our diverse upbringing. So, it was inevitable that our childhood would influence the way we see food and how we embrace different cultures from around the world.

Back on U.S. soil, we use that eclectic sense to sniff out cuisine that keeps our ever-growing palette, curious for more. Our hunger led us to discover restaurants with flavors off the beaten path. It even gave us the confidence to recreate a plethora of those dishes in our own kitchen! Actually, this how our “Locally Foreign” #locallyforeign YouTube episodes were born!

Come with us, as we show you how easy it is to experience amazing ethnic cuisine in your own backyard! @greazychinz #whatareyoueating

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Greazy Chinz